Rainforests and vulcanos

Today's the 3nd January 2018, it's be raining since I arrived in Patagonia today we had to stay in the tent all day to avoid getting all soaked. We thought about walking when rain stopped for like half an hour, luckily we didn't as afterwards it Rainer heavier then before. So we just watched a... Continue Reading →

GPT, the beginning

Everything happend real quick I got a big project at work for next year so I had to reschedule everything and my timeframe for adventures was set till mid february and affordably flights were limited to New years eve. So I had almost six weeks. Starting 30.12.2017 I made it to Stuttgart where I surprisingly... Continue Reading →

Day 120-121: till Lübeck

Tuesday and Wednesday, 10-11 October 2017 Kilometers walked: 95 Total Kilometers: 3297 I can't help it doesn't feel like an adventure anymore. I am not in a bad mood, I am quite relaxed and comfy besides the ocasional rain. Yet it feel wrong if you follow half of the day a regular street.

Day 119: towards Lübeck

Monday, 9. October 2017 Today's kilometer: 33 Total kilometer: 3202 After this amazing weekend and another real good breakfast I said goodbye to Vincent and hit the trail again. It's been a way shorter city section then what I've expected, so real quick I found myself walking through protected areas.   In the end I... Continue Reading →

Day 117+118: contrast

Saturday, 7 October 2017 Sunday, 8 October 2017 Total Kilometers: 3169 This has been a rest weekend and I figured some things about my journey. I just miss the social aspekt of life a bit to much and I really do miss games and my favourit show and I don't think I be having to... Continue Reading →

Day 116: beachwalks and burgers

Friday, 6. October 2017 Today's kilometer: 34 Total kilometer: 3169 Had a long beachwalk today. It's been a nice view yet quite exhausting. None the less I made a few more breaks today. Enjoyed the views and ate some extra snacks. Then the best part came, I made it to Kiel where I met a... Continue Reading →

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