Last week short #7

Saturday 12. August 2017 Total kilometers: 1420 The hostel in storlien was a flop. Bad WiFi, bad kitchen and my package with the new phone didn't arrive. So we hitchhiked to trondheim the next morning. After we drank all the coffee we found and ate enough for the next few days Mario went to the... Continue Reading →

Day 59: good days with problems

Thursday, 10 August 2017 Today's kilometers: 30 Total kilometers: 1351 The trail remained in excellent condition until Nedalshytta from where it turned into a mess of swamps again. As my knee is worse then ever, I insisted in walking the streets. And here are some bad news, as all of the sudden the last couple... Continue Reading →

Day 58: another day in Norway

Wednesday, 9 August 2017 Today's kilometers: 29 Total kilometers: 1321 Good morning everyone. Johnny feels better and we hope to be a bit faster today. As the marking was good and the trail as well we where. Things was despite this conditions if felt super hard and I was really tired by bedtime. I feel... Continue Reading →

Day 57: coffees and backseats

Tuesday, 8 August 2017 Today's kilometers: 10 Total kilometers: 1292 Early morning we packed our still wet Tents and started walking out of the city. At the Sirius shopping mal we had a longer coffee break which was super nice as I so got used to this groupe breaks. While hiking we don't talk to... Continue Reading →

Day 56: Trondheim extended

Monday, 7 August 2017 Today's kilometers: 0 Total kilometers: 1282 After we spend half a day in a cafe with really good coffee we found out that just next door there was a vegan buffet for 165kroner. It's called Hagen something. I have to check that. It's been the best place in town. Especially for... Continue Reading →

Last week short #5+6

Saturday 5. August 2017 Total kilometers: 1280 We've been 3 this past 2 weeks. Katrin joined us. The first person we could walk with for a longer time without big problems. I thinlthink we just have pretty similar views especially when it comes to veganism. After børgefjel we had to cross 2 more national parks... Continue Reading →

Day 55: Trondheim

Sunday, 6 August 2017 Today's kilometers: 0 Total kilometers: 1282 After breakfast we packed and hitchhiked in 2 groups to Trondheim. Well we had to walk the 4km to the supermarket first at hitchhiking can be somewhat complicated in Sweden and Norway as well. But we all met at 4pm at the nidaros dom and... Continue Reading →

Day 54: restday in storlien

Saturday, 5 August 2017 Today's kilometers: 5 Total kilometers: 1282 After a quick and easy hike down the mountain we came to the street and hitchhiked to the supermarket and then walked to the hostel. There we figured that Johnny mobile did not arrive. Further we checked in at the hostel and the rooms where... Continue Reading →

Day 52: the present and the future

Thursday, 3 August 2018 Today's kilometers: 24,5 Total kilometers: 1254 After a night in another rainstorm we woke up to sunshine. That was especially beautiful as last night all of us had freezing cold feet. I do enjoy seeing all the frogs and today we even saw a rabbit waiting just a few meters in... Continue Reading →

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