it is official now

Tickets are bought, so are cloths and most other gear. We can say, that the first 6 weeks of our trip are carefully prepared. But as this is the first time we go this big we aren’t to sure about what we are doing. We haven’t been speaking to openly about the details so far. That’s mainly because we really wanna do this on our own. It is a petty I can’t take my dslr with the 300mm telelense with me just because it would be to heavy. Would loved to get some nice wildlife shots. We’ll will take Johnnys digicam and I am thinking about getting myself a gopro. Desicions not been made yet as we allready exceded our gear budget by several hundred euros.

We still struggle with a propper resupply plan and just go with whatever we can find on our way. So we might get some problems on our way as we couldn’t find any valid source about vegan options on gasstations and the small supermarkets up north. On the other hand I have got some experience with food in generall so I am not to worried about that yet and I will bring some really nice spice mixes with me. Therfore some nice flavours are guaranteed.

And for those who don’t know what this is all about, we are planing to cross scandinavia north to south along the E1 long distance trail.