Car rides, stories and faith in humanity restored


Friday 9. June 2017

The first night in the tent. It’s perfect size for 2 people but not with 2 big backpacks. We put one backpack outside and one inside. But that only works with good weather, so we have to figure out something else!

We woke up to another very warm day. We packed our stuff together and stood on the road to catch the next car towards north. After some time an middle-aged man took us about 20 kilometers and told us that he was hitchhiking in his youth a lot because of the big distances between the villages.

The next car was driven by a woman that was from tromso. She was going to a place to fish. She told us a lot about the area and stopped at a little town where we had lunch just to start hitchhiking again. People were out everywhere wearing sunglasses to enjoy the weather after a long winter.

A young girl with a Mercedes stopped and told us she was going to Alta. The last real town up north. She was really happy to have someone to talk and we exchanged stories from our trips in the past. She was traveling a lot and so the ride felt very short. We got some stuff from the supermarket which was actually cheaper than we thought. We even got some vegan cookies. The supermarkets are filled with vegetables, fruits and all kinds of stuff to eat for us.

The town was to big to walk out of so we just started hitching from a roundabout. A older Lady stopped and before I could say anything she was telling us: “This is a very bad place to stand”. She was taking us to the other end of town anyway and we had a nice chat with her.

Next a big van stopped and a middle-aged man took us a good distance towards our starting point. Only about 300km to go. The only problem: he came here to repair another van of a reindeer farmer. So we were in the middle of nowhere. It was already after 8pm but that didn’t matter because the sun doesn’t go down. So it was still bright daylight. But now our luck was gone. We waited for about 3 hours and even the sun didn’t go beneath the horizon it was getting pretty cold. So we decided to cook dinner. It was then when we realized that mario somewhere lost the top of his camping cooker. Then the nudels burned in, so the mood was kind of down.

Just when we decided to put up the tent to camp for the night a young guy stopped. He told us he is a reindeer farmer. He told us that he is actually sceptical about hitchhikers but probably he had pitty for us in the cold. His farm was not far away but he drove us some more kilometers to a nice place further down in the valley because it’s a little bit warmer there. We put up the tent. It was already after 12pm.