French bread and cheese

Saturday 10. June 2017, Nordkapp

Today’s Kilometer: 20

This morning finally a campervan stopped. A german couple brought us to the next crossing between Hammerfest and Nordkapp. 150km to go…

A man who could not speak picked us up in his van. It only had 1 seat in the front so Johnny had to lay down in the back so the police wouldn’t see him. Like this we got to Honningsvag. 

We spend actually to much time in a caffee named honnibakes which just opened where we warmed up with some coffee fresh bread wand some vegan cheese we brought from Germany.

The last 30km we hitched with two locals who were very friendly and just so relaxed. And then we where finally there. The Nordkapp. There is a boring museum but the view was very nice. It was already around 6 pm. But since the sun is shining the whole day here in summer we just started hiking.

The weather was awesome and so we tried to get as far as possible. After 20km we pitched the tent. Everything hurts but if we are fast, we can make it through the nortkapp tunnel tomorrow.