Light at the end of the tunnel

Sunday 11. June 2017

Today’s Kilometer: 18 + 6

Total Kilometers: 44

Today we had our first hike trough the open field. There was still a lot of snow but we did it with dry feet. While resting for lunch we met a german guy and a norwegian girl we saw the day before again. They are both on about the same route. We separated again because we wanted to walk through the tunnel and they planed to send their backpacks through and walk without luggage.

7 Km long. Over 200m under the water. That’s the Nortkapp tunnel. Walking down for about 4 Km was quit ok, although the surpassing cars are super loud. Then we had to go up the last 3Km. It was a fight. The feet hurt already but then there was the light. Finally. Free again.

Now the real trail should start and we tried to walk in the valley to find a good camping spot. There was still a lot of snow in the mountains and the river between was full of water. On our way we saw some dead reindeers. Some were just skeletons. The path crosses the river but that was impossible. So we tried to just follow it for some time. The terrain got harder to cross aswe passed on and when it was almost impossible and also pretty dangerous we decided to take what’s left of our power to get back to the road, camp there and follow the road for a few days. 

When we got back to the entrance of the tunnel we already saw the tents of the other 2 we met this day. Disappointed and totaly sore we put up the tent and got to sleep.

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