A new low, or two… 

Sunday 18. June 2017

Today’s kilometers: 23

Total kilometers: 221


about forced positivity and why negative experience isn’t necessarily negative

The morning was quite strange as I woke up several times from the wind blows coming down the wally as the sun started to heat up the first rocks. It was noisy and I figured that we put up the tent in the wrong way and with only some stones holding it on the ground I waited for the troubles to come. It wasn’t that bad in the end just the front untied itself and we got up 3 hours early. Most important, the tent was safe. So quite tired from yesterday’s march we made slow steps into the rising morning sun.

After an hour or so we figured today we won’t make our estimated distance so we checked for a camping ground a few km closer. Said and done we took our time and made a lot 5min breaks.

The first low was that Johnny couldn’t walk his pain away. Damn. Well I had to slow down too as my knees got worse again. Yet so far we had a sunny and  beautiful day. After some time the slow pace started to bother me. For some reason I can’t really handle this slow walking thing. It’s so demotivating to me. So for the first time I really was stressed out and super impatient with everything. Good thing I talk about that with Johnny and I apologized for my rudeness and those to come that day. He understood und so we walked in silence for most of the day. I am a few steps ahead as usual and waiting for Johnny every now and then.

I can’t name it but I had this feeling quite often in my life, those moments you question everything while just keep on going. This things that doesn’t seem to be worth the effort, the trouble and yet are so precious on the own. At least in a retrospective. Moments of weakness, moments to damn everything and nothing. You think about those moments without really considering losing. You now if there is a way to go on, you will.

So here is the thing. A dear friend send me a message that my posts are super negative and it doesn’t seem to be worth it and that we seem to not have any fun with what we do. So let me tell you this. If there wasn’t any joy in this project we both would have quit allready. This takes up all our strength, money and the time we would love to spend with our friends. We do this for so many reasons that if we forget about one of them it doesn’t really matter. We do this to proof ourselves that we can do such things. We proof to others that there a possibilities to be considered which seem rediculas on first sight. We do this for the sake of doing something without a job or a home. We do this for those who question veganism as a fit diet for adventures. We do this for the comfort that lays in the discomfort.

I will stop with the explanation of our reasons here  there will be other time I might come back to this later. We do want to paint a picture of our journey for you guys. So we won’t skip the negative aspects or the troubles. Still we can only give you a glimpse of what our day was like. So there is always tons of laughter and anger in between. If we don’t see this trip as being worth the effort we will quit you can be sure of that.

So here is the second low, finally, we are back on sealevel.
P.s. We won’t spoil you  with nice editied and Well aranged pictures. We simply don’t have the time ans mind for it. Also we want to show you what it was like for us, in good times and in Bad ones.