Day 12: summer solstice and the norwegian black metal vibes. 

Wednesday 21. June 2017

Today’s Kilometers: 30

Total Kilometers: 289

With a lot of wind and rain we where marching into our sommersolstice trip. Well we got up very late today asJohnny tock  his time until he got up. I was sleepy all day as I had an uncomfortable night but was happy to be close to our next trailhead. There was tons of water and waterfalls everywhere. Also it was rougher terrain and quite cold so I kinda imagine myself as the main actor of a music video to Darkthrones hiking metal punks with Abbath being the art director.

The mood quickly turned as the street brought back the pain and it got freezing cold. Rain turned into snow and the road wouldn’t end. My gloves turned wet eventually and  I was cold to the core. No campspots until we made a full 30km which is a lot for our bodies between heavy backpack und cold hard concrete underneath us.

End of story was first sommersolstice with snow and without any change of a campfire but we got mac and cheese and chocolate like some of you allready saw in our instagram video.

Oh I forgot to mention that due to super bad resting options we ate and drunk way to less which caused me 2 tiny almost blackouts on the street so I had to stop and get some water and sugar.

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