Day 13: Old and new supporters 

Tuesday 22. June 2017

Today’s Kilometers: 27

Total Kilometers: 317

On our way to Masi, where we went to Oves Varesenter for resupply. We got most things necessary and could find replacements for the rest of it. Some plant based drinks surprised us. So we gladly made some oathmilk shakes. The owner also served us some coffee for free and we met the reindeer farmer whom we met while hitchhiking.

Later that day we finally made it back onto the E1. Yeah! It was rough though. Just a few hundredth meters in we have been confronted with a first kind of swamp. Two hours later we had to climb our first little mountain in strong winds. Unfortunately Johnny’s leg became worse again but he hung in. But we made it all the way with slow steps and only one or two hours late.