Day 14: Maybe summer is no myth up here after all 

Friday 23. June 207

Today’s Kilometers: 29,4

Total Kilometers: 347

Slept a little bit better today. So we where ready at noon despite we walk almost into late night yesterday.

Today we where in one of our best moods so far. It was so nice to be back on trail and we wouldn’t really see any streets today. We also got some sun and the temperatures were way more comfortable then the last few days.

At one point we came across one of those areas where the reindeer farmers where counting their reindeers and seperating those for slaughter. It’s amazing to see that they still us their traditional Teepee like Tents.

We made more breaks then usual and got some soup instead of the obligatory clif bar for lunch today. Wow, such progress.

As always at about 20km the feet got sour and the knees where hurting. But didn’t really matter today. Especially as we came across a lovely little campspot where we found some wet firewood that only gave a tiny little fire but this was more then anything we had so far.

Oh there were swarms of flies. Luckily no mosquitos but we where wondering how long that might last.