Day 15: more then 350km and the end of the first section 

Saturday 24. June 2017

Today’s Kilometers: 14,8

Total Kilometers: 353

Yes yes yes, once we will reach Kautokeino we have completed the first section of our trail and walked more then 350km allready.

So a big day for us. Still we had enough time as there where only 15km ahead of us. We figured we need about 2 hours every morning to get up, make breakfast and pack our stuff. Seems really long but the mornings just fly by every day.

Once everything was back in place in our backpacks we walked along a big river with nice views and the first…? Can you guess what? The first mosquitos. Not to bad though, only some bites at our ankles.

It was strange as the usually frequent marks of the trail disappeared all the sudden like it did the other day at the power pools. We search a bit with compass,  map and even GPS but the trail was nowhere to be found so we sticked to the old dirt road.  And after an hour or so there again where rests of red Ts on stones. Maybe some magic is happening here.

What a relaxed day it was. I stopped more often on this 15km to watch the scenery then I did since we left Alta. So I spotted the first dragonflies and little flowers along the way.

And then we were standing in Kautokeino. Such a nice feeling. And as we walk the first concret streets again our feet and legs protested heavily. So even today we ended the walking with a little pain… and bags of food as the supermarket was still open. Yes!

One thought on “Day 15: more then 350km and the end of the first section 

  1. Dear Johnny and Mario, so nice to see that you`ve come to Kautokeino already! I`ve spent a relaxing early morning reading your blog, and you write so well and vividly! My days are also up and down, but I think we learn to appreciate the small things so much more in this way. If there were no obstacles, I think we would have been bored even on those sunny and easy days.

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