Day 17: into the swamp

Monday, 26. June 2017

Today’s kilometers: 20

Total kilometers: 373

Johnny went to the doctor and I chilled at the campinggrounds Cafe. Johnny should have rested another day but generally was able to walk. As we are short of time anyway we started today.

But first there was a stop at the post office and we send about 6kg stuff back home.

20km was the goal for today and the first 10 where kinda fun. A dog followed us for a few kilometers then got scared away by a reindeer. After about half of the way it turned into a mess. We started so sink deeper and deeper with our shoes and ended up walking through 30cm deep water or mudd. As this wouldn’t be enough it also started raining and we got cold super fast. I remember Daniel from predictably lost (who is a big inspiration for us) sitting in on of his videos inside his tent and saying the good days are out there. Yes their are. They need to be. But also this is an adventure and it wouldn’t be one without struggles.

In the end we made it to madam bongos fjellstua and meet one of our new dutch friends again.