Day 18: the way I like it

Tuesday, 27. June 2017

Today’s kilometers: 29

Total kilometers:  402

Shoes where still wet and I figured I’ve got the wrong kind of boots with me. So I was thinking about getting new ones somewhat soon.

Yet there where 30km ahead of us and our dutch friend whom we gave the nickname Buzz Lightweight,  was gone when we woke up. So I couldn’t just sit around. I had to go on trail. Now.

Said and done. Weather wasn’t nice but not really rainy just a few drop so I was rather enthusiastic to get some meters done. Allways a few steps ahead impatiently waiting for Johnny every once and a while. Swamps and smaller streams have been crossed without any problems and then their was this tiny looking little river only about 3 meters broad. It looked deep so I changed my shoes and tried to cross it. My whole leg was underwater so I got out the river immediately. I checked a few meter to the left and right but it only looked deeper. So I got out of my hiking pants into my rainpants and slowly crossed this deep deep river. Step by step ramming my poles into the ground to widstand the unbelievably strong force of the water. In the middle I slipped and almost fell but managed to push one foot and one pole against another rock and their I stood against the flood. Faster, tinier steps brought me save to the other side. When I got out I realized that I was wet all the way up to my waist. But I didn’t really think about it I was just happy that I’ve crossed this little beast.

So Johnny tried it and decided it wasn’t doable for him. He mentioned that we had this rule to not go deeper then our knees. He was right. It wasn’t justifiable to cross. Especially for two guys with any experience. So we decided to split.  Johnny would go back to the street and try to hitchhike somewhat close to the hytta. And I would continue the trail until a river would stop me.

Well there wasn’t another deep river only some rare sunbeams and some hills to climb. Not to forget beautiful views in between some muddy valleys. And a crazy bird following me for almost an hour. Allways flying some meters and then sitting like 30m away from me and singing his song. I enjoy this day so much even though it was exhausting…

We met again at the hytta shortly after 10pm and slept in some sort of lobby as the hytta itself was closed and apperently not part of the dnt system.