Day 21: new achievements unlocked

Friday, 30 June 2017

Today’s kilometers: 38

Total kilometers: 490

Yesterday I mentioned my concerns about the equipment, right? Well sometimes intuition could extremely valuable if the timing is right.

For todax we wanted to try the 10min break per hour method we got told by a super nice finish guy we met a couple times yesterday.

So here we where still with nice weather,  a fair bit of sun and breathtaking panorama. The trail remained well elaborated. And here come a but, wist for it… There was so much snow, very wet snow. We sunk in several centimeters and sometimes even knee-deep. I got wet shoes and socks in no time. Wouldn’t  have been to bad without the low temperatures that come with snowy areas. So I was happy we had to rest on the last Hut before the pass we wanted to cross today. We wanted to try reaching for 40km. While waiting we meet this crazy Italian guy. The sort of you know will be fun to hang around with for a couple our but won’t be the type of company for longer. Well we help as he shared some of his equipment and mounting guid knowledge. So we decided to cross the pass with him. Said and done we spend the night walking with him but weren’t too happy with his style of walking and the way he chose through the snow fields.

So we ended with 38km walked dripping wet shoes and socks and extremely exhausted at 4am in our tent.

Oh and here is what my feet look like for 2 weeks already I hope my new shoes will help my to recover.
And back to the nice stuff