Day 22: 1/20th of our journey

Saturday, 1. July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 25

Total kilometers: 515

After two day of massive text here comes a cryptic one. Meet the Italien guy again a couple times. More clouds and wind. Still perfect conditions for this crazy year and a nice trail. Still tired from yesterday all day through. Super hungry all day.

The end of the day was here and we didn’t even recognize that we walked our first 500km allready. Pretty crazy if you ask me. Especially as we feel we walk way to slow.

But I feel we need to write about the delicious food we eat most of the time. Maybe I find some time for it on our next restday.

2 thoughts on “Day 22: 1/20th of our journey

  1. Hey guys, here’s Hannes. (We briefly met shortly after abisko) 🙂 really like your blog! Would love some more info about what food you’re eating etc. The italian guy is the canyoning guy? He seemed to me like a great guy with a good attitude towards hiking. How’s he doing?

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    1. Hey how are? Yeah the italian is also the canyoning guy. Well we eat all kind of food. Depends what we get. We will right down some recipes in our next restaurant day. But we make big differences between restday meal, the meal after a shop and meals while jot having shops around. We try to get tons of nuts, chocolate, chips and cliff bars for snack during the day and for breakfast and dinner we make something with rice, couscous or nudels.


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