Day 23:

Sunday 2. July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 30

Total kilometers: 545

Another perfect day in terms of weather just the wind was a bit chilly. The trail was rough and rocky so speed was slower then expected but the mood was good and we had beautiful views all the way to Teusajaura where we had to get a boat over the sea. The first steps down a hillsektion I slipped on wet planks and hurt my back and hand a bit but after cleaning the wound and a bit of Peruan chocolate is was good to go again. The lake couldn’t be crossed rowing as the wind was to strong so we had to wait for 2 hours and pay 100krones for a motorboat. Another hill waited for us to be crossed and two icy and broad rivers to be crossed. One of them had a bridge we missed as we didn’t have a map for this part of the trail. But yeah this only meant more adventure for us. So we made our way, down into the valley and stared to walk the first part of the 30km of street until we have to cross the lake by farry.

Today it was super hard to find a go camp spot. Especially as we wanted a little hill that could shield us little bit from the strong wind.