Day 24: dancing in the rain 

Monday, 3. July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 5

Total kilometers: 550
Well we didn’t exactly dance in the rain but our hearts did.

So we overslept for about 2 hours. Then we hurried and started wailing with strong wind and heavy clouds. After about 1km it started raining so we got our rain cloths but a few minutes later the rain was super intense and I started to recognize that my rain gear wouldn’t widstand this all day. But we were looking forward to our first stop as we saw a gasstation on the map yesterday and wanted to use that for some basic resupplies. Well the gasstation was only a gasstation and we couldn’t find a shop to it. So back on the street I wasn’t to confident about the outcome of this day as Johnny was somewhat slow and we didn’t even made 4km per hour while walking on a street. So all the sudden there was this Naturum which also inhabitat a Café so we headed towards it and I can say we where surprised in a super positive way. Coffee for about 2 Euro with refill and they even had vegan ice cream. So we sat at a table recharging our phones, drinking coffee eating ice cream enjoying the fireplace and watching the cold stromy weather from a warm and comfortable distance. While we wrote our entires for this blog and studied the maps we somehow ended up talking to one of the girls working there. So she happend to be a vegan as well and we discussed environmental issues and learned about the differences between the Norwegian and Swedish approaches to solve them. So there are foxes that actually kill reindeer baby but those are migrated redfoxes and not the smaller arctic foxes. Also the is a reasonable reindeer population in Sweden while due some extra rights for Sami people (northskandinavian natives) the population in norways is way larger then what biologists found to be reasonable.

So it got quite late and closing hour was near we figured we couldn’t get a farry anymore and while we where worrying about our schedules and where to camp we got an invitation for dinner and a place to stay for tonight. So after a much needed shower we got an amazing 3-course dinner while having lively conversations about traveling, work, guter plans, nutrition on hikes and much more. It got quite late as I replied to some mails and read some pages in the hiking gear book I got after a recommendation.

P.s Johnny weekly recap will bring you some other nice pics of this day. I however forgot to take more then the 2 I posted.