Day 25: a fresh breeze 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 38

Total kilometers: 588

After few hours of sleep and we got up early and quick. Soon we where at the docks and waited for the boat to come. At the other side of the lake we met our new korean friend again and had a few cups of coffee and a lovely chat just like last time. So two hours went by like nothing. We had to hit the trail again so we did and ended up getting some distance done. I didn’t expected it to be honest but maybe we start getting in shape and figure a good rhythm.

So far this really has been the hard part to find a daily routine that actually works for ourself without beeing lazy and wasting time need for walking. Well also my back and hand don’t hurt anymore and Johnny is able to walk without painkillers. So seems like we are really improving our traillife. From now on we try to sleep for pretty much exactly 8 hours a day and walk for 10hour straight. So we have about 6 hours for put up the tent and packing it along with the backpacks, further having a somewhat decent rest after every 3 hours. Let’s see if we can stick to this.