Day 26: Up’s and down’s

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 33

Total kilometers: 621

Stayed in a shelter for the night as there was a storm. I was freezing so badly this night. I don’t now about the temperature but Johnny felt the same so if must have been crazy. As a conclusion I think I will where some clothing tonight so I can get some sleep. Because if you hardly can sleep and your cold all night you can be certain that all of your body will hurt in the morning until you will be warmed up again.

The day was actually nice. Not as cold as yesterday and again so many changes between forest, swamp and mountains. Beautiful to see. The thing was I hurt my leg and knees again. It was so intense that I hat to stop and just sit there while trying to figure how I could go on. So the next two hours of walking were super slow. After the pain was almost gone we went faster again and as Johnny was super exhausted and tired we found a nice camping spot in a forest near a river.