Day 27:

Tuesday, 6 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 35,9

Total kilometers: 657

We knew it you be another long day so we go up early. The light came gentle through the trees leaves. It looked beautiful and so I decided to have breakfast outside. Despite the warm colors the day started really cold. Well nothing new really so we walked and arrived at Kvikkjokk fjellstation a while later. There we took some time for the Blog and some research about resupplies over the next days. I was happy to give my feet a break. The last days where nice but I can feel that I am starting to struggle. My feet and knees hurt super badly. I took painkillers several times to be able to keep on walking.

But for now we got a vegan burger and some coffee. Super delicious I can tell.

Afterwards we had to take another boat which was where we meet a Swiss guy. We climbed up the first hill together and figured there was a lot we could talk about so we did until we camped.