Day 30: one month on the trail

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 40,5

Total kilometers: 769

This day started perfectly slow. At least for us, our Swiss friend started at 4am. Well we started at 9am or even later. We stayed in a lovely Hut which wasn’t exactly ment to stay there over night but as no one showed up and we left the place super clean I don’t think anyone will notice. So the hut was rather warm, at least warmer then most mornings in the tent and we enjoyed a warm breakfast and a hot beverage. So I was rather enthusiastic about another day full of adventures.

The trail was to hard. Yet my legs protested as allways. It took us about 5 hours to get to Adolfström where our gravings desperately awaited the shop (the one in jackvikk the other day was closed so we where low on food). Well the shop itself was a disappointment in terms of hiking supplies and especially lacking of vegan options. So we took some snacks and a 10minute! rice. 10min to boil rice is something you don’t wanna do while hiking. But we got nice, fresh bread. The good think about this store was the coffee we enjoyed there and after a decent 2hour breaks we stared walking again.

Some more mosquitos and rain but not to bad today, still there where some annoying times as I had wet feed all day and sometimes the wetlands are just to wet and muddy to enjoy. But after 40km and about 16 hours in total we camped in front of a shelter as inside there where some guys burning ridiculous amounts of wood for no good reason and taking up all the space. We found our Swiss friend camping next to the hut so we stayed in the tent as well despite the rain.