Day 31: rainstorms or mosquitos? 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 29,7

Total kilometers: 798

The day stared with a lot of rain and my ability to get my sleepingbag wet because I cuddled with the wall of the tent… So we packed everything super fast and got ourselves vreakfast in the shelter which no was empty.

My blisters got really intense during the morning but unfortunately the mosquitos wouldn’t let me sit for 3 minutes to get some pflaster on. So I try to night paying attention to my feet or the mosquitos which was super difficult because all of them where desperately seeking my attention. Without a proper break we walked into the afternoon crossing rivers, hill, bridges, forest, swamps and rocks. Then wind was coming up and we where happy to get less mosquitos to deal with but instead a rainstorm was coming over us. After about two hours my hands and feet where super cold I need to stop and get my gloves which would be soak in minutes due to the heavy rain but at least my fingers would be a little warmer and like half an hour later it stopped. We need to walk a while longer till we found a little stream where we got some snacks out of our packs and recovered for a few minutes.

So we walked in peace until we tried a promising shortcut on a small trail that simply disappeared after a while. We continued and found it again. This game went on for almost 6km which was exhausting. We saw some red marks and may have found the old Kungsleden but we’re not sure about that. The thing was this trail hasn’t be maintained in a long time. So some bridges were gone and almost of of the marks. Still we found the shelter with wet shoes and pants. Started a little fire, put up the tent and had dinner.