Trailfood: Ingredients 

So here is a list of products we try to get our hands on or prepered before we stared. Everything listed is simply a suggestion feel free to mix and add whatever you like. 
-A few tips upfront

  • Make sure it’s light and high on calories, vitamins and/or flavor. Try to avoid metal and glas. Generally try to avoid packaging best choice is to simply repack it in zip-bags right in the supermarket or at your accommodation. 
  • If you can plan your adventure in advantage try to get hard to find ingredients/groceries through sending packages to hostels, post offices or camping grounds. Be aware that some places will charge you for keeping it for you on a daily basis. 
  • We try to have three different sauces and spice/herb mixes available for variation
  • When buying food try to stick to the days till the next resupply plus one
  • If you heavy to carry a lot of food bring rather light and stuffing items like bars and couscous


  • Dehydrated(sometimes presents boiled): carrots, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, beans, lentils, apples, sauces,  
  • Herbs and spice mixes 
  • Cookies and energy bars

-Supermarkets and onlineshop

  • Sauces: instant sauce like – bolonaise, cheese, gravy, tomato, bulion, 
  • Snacks: chips, tortillas, tortillas chips , chocolate, chocolate spread, nuts, dried fruits, cookies, peanut butter, seeds, 
  • Hot meals(needs to be ready in 5min or less maybe check for puffed versions): rice, lentils, noodles, beans, soups, couscous, amaranth, mashed potatoes, buckwheat, bread, tortilla chips (crumbled for less volume), dehydrated mushrooms, dehydrated soymeat, olive oil or margerin, seeds, coconutfat, 
  • Breakfast: Porridge, Bread, peanut butter, 
  • Beverages: tea, chocolate powder, instant coffee, premixed Chai, premixed cappuccino, protein powder, instant plantbased milk powder, 
  • Energy bar: clifbars (our favorite), flapjacks, 

-The day after a supermarket (if we know we will find a trash bin or have zip bags left for repackaging) BE CAREFUL WITH THE WEIGHT, only buy is your pack is rather light until next resupply. 

  • Coconutmilk, Baked beans, mixed beans in sauce, chickpeas, spiced tomato sauce, 
  • cake, fresh bread, 
  • Plant based milk, juices, sofrdrinks, 
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh veggies


  •  if their is a kitchen and a supermarket everything goes, especially ice cream and tofu

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