Day 33: about clouds

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 20,4

Total kilometers: 820

Up front, sorry for writing in binary gender style I don’t want to exclude anyone. Today we started at 1pm hiking uphill for like 8km until we seeked shelter from the rain at the first hut. But on the way something memorable happen to me. I saw a really agile person coming down the mountain. Despite rain and the slippery, muddy ground it look so light and fun to walk. A few steps closer I wasn’t sure if boy or girl so I got interested. The sheer precenze was somehow overwhelming. And there was this breathtaking smile a saw for a couple meters until we greated each other and passed by. I didn’t turn. I just wanted to keep the the very moment she walked in front of me. This insanely beautiful androgynous face with it’s smile should last in my memories. A beauty that only exists within the cloudy unknown.

Later we walked higher up into the clouds and more rain.

When we arrived at the shelter there where two young swedish girls resting there while having a proper fire going. So we joined them and had a fun night,  joking about stereotypes of our homecountrys. It’s super interesting that people with all imaginable backgrounds and so extremely different perseptions of life share the compassion for hiking. Also an interesting fact, is that our best times so far we shared with women. Also some of the weirdest moments but in gernal we tend to speak about different and more interesting topics with them.