Day 34: Too much water

Tuesday, 13 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 41,2

Total kilometers: 860

The night was comfortable. And the morning was over way to soon so we had say goodbye and continue walking.

It was raining all day, again.  And even turning into a rain storm. A freezing rain storm. I had to get my gloves out which where soak in maybe half an hour. And as it was raining for days allready it kinda looked like we would hike some place like Waterworld. Everything was muddy and the trail became a little river itself.

Luckily we had two huts on our way. So we could warm up and have meals there. Thing is we had to walk into the night so we arrived at 1am, in the middle of the strongest rainstorm so far, at the shelter which was allready full of people and we had to sleep in the entrance. I really wished myself back to the shelter with the girls.