Day 36:

Monday, 17 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 26,7

Total kilometers : 880

Had a nice morning at the lake with sun and a really good breakfast. Then after about 1 km we got some Dr pepper and coffee. So far the day was perfect. We made it to Norway real quick and even on trail we weren’t too slow. But again the trail was under water and my feet wet within no time. As it then started to rain it got somewhat annoyed by it. It really is enough rain allready.

Then we saw one of the most beautiful little river I ever saw it’s little waterfalls where so nice to watch.

Later we meet to germans going north, thing is we couldn’t believe a word what the guy was saying and the girl was rather quiet. So after a few attempts I got just got weirder and we continued walking. Just to end up in the rain again. Then there was a big river to cross again luckily not to deep this time. Just right after that we fund a hut for some rest and a soup.

Unfortunately I got super heavy pains in my knees and heels also some problems with 2 toes. I was really frustrated that I couldn’t really walk any faster or steadier. This lead us to talking to a farmer on the way which gave us a super nice little house for only 300kroner. It’s by far the nicest accommodation we got so far. With kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms and an oven. Just perfect unfortunately it was allready 10pm so we had dinner with desert and watched another episode of the 100 which is okay to relax but pretty shitty as a show. So the day ended really good.
Later that day we ended up on some crazy cold and windy plato that also spend some heavy clowds and drops of rain for us. But again our new teammate saved the day by her lovely presence.

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