Day 38: into the wild

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 23,8

Total kilometers: 935

we are super happy to have another day of nice weather. A bit cold but who cares after all those rain? The view of our campsite is just astonishing. Moments like these turn to memories making trips worth the effort. Even mosquitos aren’t that much of a deal then. You make sure to set up your tent fast and get in there without inviting dynasties of those biting clouds.

Well the river crossings are crazy. Especially as there is no trail up here. You just don’t now if it’s worth it walk kilometers up or down the river trying to find a saver place to cross. It’s not seldom anymore that you cross at least knee deep water you feel are swollen from melting snow.

This section here might be the wildest we came across so far. Navigating sometimes is though. But we managed to find really good routes through or mostly around the swamps and snowfields.