Day 40: unexpected restday

21 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 7

Total kilometers: 965

We got up and started the say smooth and slow as we new from the website, that the boat would leave at 2.30pm and we only had 7 kilometers to walk.

Everyone had a good time and we arrived early and chilled whiel having some coffee. A family also waited for the boat which arrived on time. And from here all plans changed. The guy told us that he couldn’t being us over the lake today as we didn’t book the ride in advance which is the exact opposite of what the website was saying, we double checked that, further he wouldn’t come back today to pick us up which means we will have to wait tomorrow, same time.

Okay we could have been frustrated as we allready where low on food but what’s the point on doing so out here. This guy was to only way over the river as there was no trail and we only had our smartphones with the E1 trail GPS data. Nothing else. So we spend the day eating the rest of our food, drinking liters of hot beverages of all sorts, chatting, listening to music and sunbathing all day. We luckily still got some midnight sun. Later on we even got some proper campfire going.

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