Day 41: fooooooooood

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 23

Total kilometers: 988

A lazy morning with tea instead of breakfast, some more sunbathing and no swimming as the sky was a bit to cloudy and the wind to chilly.

The guy with the boat came twice hours early. I don’t know for what reason. In the end that saved us our day as we made it to the supermarket just half an hour before closing.

So we bought way to much food and even found super good bread, tomatoes, apples and bananas in the dumpster. So we ended up eating, avocado tomato bellpepper sandwiches, cornflakes, banana chocolate sandwiches, tones of cookies, potatochips and I don’t now what. End of story was that Johnny had to lay down for like an hour to digest instead of throwing up. Sounds pretty bad but seriously we enjoyed the pain. All three of us. And even thought I didn’t mention our friend much, Johnny and I are super happy to have her with us. The last days have been extraordinarily beautiful and chilled. She really improved our camptime big time.