Last week short #4

Friday, 21. July 2017 

Total kilometers: 965

After 2 rest days in hemavan we felt refreshed to start a new try on the E1. Including 42km on the street we had to walk 5 days to the next village with a shop. We always try to calculate our food supply with one extra day as a backup. In hemavan was a big supermarket where we found great stuff to take with us. Each of us started with about 5kg of food.

We hoped for some nice weather but the first days where still rainy and our shoes soon soaked again. The trail wasn’t nearly as good prepared and marked as the Kungsleden.  So we had to navigate with the gps on our phones a lot.

On Tuesday we met Katrin on the trail. She is from Germany and also vegan. What an incident! It was so nice to talk about hiking in Scandinavia as a vegan and exchange experiences where to get the best food. After we endured another 2 days with some rain and swampy trails the sun finally came out on Thursday. It feels like summer now! 

We should have crossed a lake today and walk another 15km to the next village but the boat was full and the driver told us we should have orderd it one day before. So we can’t cross until tomorrow. That means we enjoy the nice weather the rest of the day, maybe take a bath in the lake and eat what’s left of our supplys. 

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