Day 42: lost

Monday, 24 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 19

Total kilometers: 1041

This day continued being perfect. At least until two hours into the trail. Our vegan lady started a bit early and we thought we could speed up and see her later on. Unfortunately we got a bit lost, climbed a peak we weren’t supposed to and of course we couldn’t find her. We hurried up and walked into late night but no sign of her.

Well, as there wasn’t a trail anymore the chances weren’t that good in the first place. We also got lost several more times and once got pointed into a wrong direction. We spend hours finding ways through steep valleys and canyons, around hills and lakes where the GPS tracks just went through. I don’t now how many extra meters of elevation we made that day nor how many kilometers we walked for no good reason. By midnight we haden’t made half the way through it. Not even half of our 30km. I really was done with the world.