Day 43: lost & found

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 22

Total kilometers: 1063

The sun gave us another chance to prove our poor navigation skills, so we thought about routes before we headed down the valleys, canyons and mountains. Nonetheless this area never failed to surprise us, to hinder us and force us into ridiculous detours while we were stumbling, jumping, climbing and sometimes walking and celebrating the views and our new gained confidence. Around noon lost hopes awoke again, slowly wraped my mind and heart. It made me pick up my pace, quicken my pulse and finally made me scream. In this unmarked wilderness we found our friend again. She heard my calling. We all were happy about our reunion.

Later we had to cross a deep lakeish river. We took the invitation and had a swim there followed by a nice lunch break. The rest of the hike was easy and we quickly came down the mountains to the street where we had to hitchhike out to Sweden which apparently is impossible for a group of three, so we split up to reach the supermarket. While Johnny and I walked the street ahead our friend got a ride. Instead we met a really nice couple offering us to stay for a night in their cabin. We gladly accepted and had a really good night.

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