Day 44: lunchtimes are happy times

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 17

Total kilometers: 1080

The next morning we have been greated with softdrinks and coffee and the wonderful couple even offered us a ride to the supermarket and back. Seriously this saved us at least half a day of hitchhiking. Thanks you so much!

At the supermarket we got insane amounts of food and therefore we spend 3 hours at an extraordinary lunchtime at the lake. In the late afternoon we tried to find a trail where there wasn’t one, so just randomly walked through the forest. Sometimes to the left of the trail, sometimes to the right.

We got tangled up in trees and bushes and we got catched by countless spiderwebs. After about 2 hours for 5km we had enough to get back about the treeline. With the wetlands remaining and so was the water in our shoes. Well you get used to it. It’s allways just uncomfy to put the wet n dirty socks back on in the morning. So our shoes kept refilling with kinda fresh norwegian water. And we then we also got back into our mosquitonets. So apart from spiders and mosquitos we got chased by another thunderstorm whom we managed to escape. But the bloodsuckers forced us into to seek refuge in our tents, as soon as we decided it was enough walking for today.

Sorry but I was low on battery so there won’t be much fotos from here on.

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