Day 45: GPS says go get a parachute

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 21

Total kilometers: 1101

The night was short but because of chating, not like other nights when it was to windy, hot or bright. No, it actually is getting somewhat dark again, for a few nights allready. As we opened up the outer tent we enjoyed a lovely view from our little camp ontop of the mountains.

Dark clouds where fighting with brigther ones in the morning sun. Rainclouds in blue and grey, twisted and fluffy.

The GPS tracks where as fucked up as the other day and as most norwegian national parks seem to not have any trail or trail marking. We had some more scatchy and scary experiences, like the one where we had to find a way through cliffs that bound a great river about 200m meters below. In the end we were lucky to camp just above the only way down within about 15km range as we found out later.

Without much battery legt we had a hard time navigating throughout marshes, forests and mosquitos. But we made at least some km. I just don’t understand how Daniel (predictably lost) was able to make 35 and more km out here in even worse weather. I can’t even imagine it to be honest. It kinda bothers me and maybe I’ll mail ans ask him.