Day 46: sunny days and bad knees

Friday, 28 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 22

Total kilometers: 1123

It’s hard to believe but weather has been good again. Nord-Trondelag, the district we are hiking through has a reputation for being rainy all the. Except for when it snows. So I suppose the conditions are good maybe better then we could have hoped. Unfortunately without a trail, map, or proper GPS it’s a bit to much for my physics. Currently I am the weakest part of our group. The pain in my knee extended all the way down into my foot. Most time I question every single step. Sometimes I have to stop midway and take a 5 to 10 minute break because it feels unbearable. It’s only 20 to 25km a day but I hardly can keep up even with the groups support. Otherwise I am sure even 10km would be to much. Even painkillers don’t really work this time. But somehow I endure it most of the time, what I regularly think of being as something impossible to do. Well, I have to. Another thing I realized is, out here, physical problems become mental struggles and if not overcome eventually bigger problems.