Day 49: one to avoid and one to learn from

Monday, 31 July 2017

Today’s kilometers: 31

Total kilometers: 1186

None of us slept well as in early night a storm hit us. A stormy night in a tent is a really noisy event. Especially as the direction changed for almost 180°. So we got frontaly hit but the winds not on the back of the tent as we intended we setting it up. With the Vaude Hogan SUL this is a huge difference. It don’t now about other tents but it would need to have a symmetrical front and back to not be affected.

The rain keep us in our tents till 10.30 am which gave us time for a slow breakfast and some music.

Shortly before our lunch break at a hytta we got cought by the dark clouds and attacked by their rain. But today they just wanted to play. So after about 10 minutes we have been greated the sun again. With the sun, a man came along. That man happend to be an older long-distance and super lightweight / ultralight enthusiast. He told us a bit about his 3rd self made backpack which carried his stuff on the third thruhike (one was the continental divide trail in the states) allready.

Later that day we came across a super annoying swiss guy whom luckily went into the other direction but forced us to leave the Hut earlier then planed.

More fun and more important we found a trail name for our lady, I will refer the her as KatFood from here on. Well for about 10 days which is was when we met her our main, sometimes soley topic was food. So that’s why.

For me our empty batteries are my biggest concern as we still don’t have a paper map for this section.