Day 50: Huts

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Today’s kilometers: 27

Total kilometers: 1213

The hut system in Norway is pure chaos to me and I can’t find a good source on internet. It’s super tricky to tell whether you come across a DNT hut or not. Same is for prices. Some hut have outdated and even more expensive pricelists. Compared to what we saw in Sweden this quite annoying. (PS, until hemavan the fjellstugan and fjellstations in Sweden where super nice with a reasonable price, the hostel in storlien felt a bit over-priced for the small and old rooms and the slow wifi)

Apart from this factor the huts in Nord-Trondelag are in a very good condition. We even found a privat hut for 100 nok per night and person that was super lovely.

Another thing worth mentioning are the food supplies on the self-service huts are quite often somewhat limited for vegans especially as a lot of food is really outdated. We found stuff that expired in 2006. So we didn’t really relay on them for resupplies.