Day 51: about lost hours and disappeared miles

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Today’s kilometers: 16

Total kilometers: 1229

Today I heared the first woodpecker (at least sounded like I don’t even now if they live up here). This somehow made me super happy. Also my knees feel better today and I can enjoy the hiking again.

Finding campsites remains tricky but there a lot of second choice options we usually take to not waste to much time searching. I really wanna get some more literature and experience with all this backcountry stuff. I think I start with Andrew Skurka’s blog, as I found his gear book quite helpful.

While having lunch, a thunderstorm came in and we had to extend our break for quite a bit which made our 30km goal for today more then questionable.

The rain lasted all noon and it took till 7pm until it made sense to get ready again. Wetlands here we come.

We set camp at around 11pm on top of a hill in a cloud. And we figured, that for some reason the GPS says something as much as 30% less in distance then the local signs and my feet. I have been suspicious about the GPS amount of kilometers for weeks allready but to save batteries and due to the lack of knowledge I never tracked our trips so I wasn’t sure until now that we double checked all the distances from sign to sign.