Day 54: restday in storlien

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Today’s kilometers: 5

Total kilometers: 1282

After a quick and easy hike down the mountain we came to the street and hitchhiked to the supermarket and then walked to the hostel. There we figured that Johnny mobile did not arrive. Further we checked in at the hostel and the rooms where nothing like those we had before. So all in all we really were disappointed. We need to find a new adresse for the shipment now and deal with a tiny room. Only a lovely meal and the sauna could save the day. Along with the lovely couple Form south germany.

3 thoughts on “Day 54: restday in storlien

  1. Hey Marius and Johnny,
    thanks for the nice evening/day we spent together in Storlien. I really hope your knee will get better soon (day 59 didn’t sound so promising)!
    Anyway keep your heads up in the wind and enjoy!!
    Looking forward to read more in the future!
    All the Best,
    Chris and Valerie


    1. Hey, good to here from you and we habe to thank you guys. Well seems like my knee is getting better now. Had no problems for the last 3 days. So I am quite optimistic.


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