Last week short #5+6

Saturday 5. August 2017

Total kilometers: 1280

We’ve been 3 this past 2 weeks. Katrin joined us. The first person we could walk with for a longer time without big problems. I thinlthink we just have pretty similar views especially when it comes to veganism.

After børgefjel we had to cross 2 more national parks without any trail or markings. As we didn’t find any maps we navigated with the gps on our phones and compass again. Since we are all rather unexperienced with navigation it was hard sometimes and we lost some time and nerves. We walked through so much swampes, that wringing out the socks in the evening and put on wet ones in the morning became normal. Also Marios knees forced us to more rest and sometimes set up camp earlier than planned on some days. Still somehow we made it to the marked trail again. Some of the few people we met were very interesting others more anoying.

The nights are getting darker the more we get south and the older the year gets. We had to stop walking 2 times already because it got to dark to see the trail. But the evening sky is more beautiful and the day and night rythm of our bodies gets slowly in order again.

Now we are in a hostel in storlien a village in Sweden. I ordered my new phone to this adress but somehow it didn’t get delivered. So now I have to have it send to another place where I will be in about a week…

So I can still not use WhatsApp or other messengers save Facebook. Also the WiFi in this hostel sucks and doesn’t reach the sleeping rooms. So it was very disappointing when we arrived here but after a hot shower, a nice meal and sauna the moods are up again. We also met a German cuople which was very nice.

After our stay here we will spend a day in trondheim and hopefully continue our journey on Monday.