Day 57: coffees and backseats

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Today’s kilometers: 10

Total kilometers: 1292

Early morning we packed our still wet Tents and started walking out of the city. At the Sirius shopping mal we had a longer coffee break which was super nice as I so got used to this groupe breaks. While hiking we don’t talk to much. Also there was a pharmacy which was a necessity for KatFood to keep on walking. She’s got sort of a cold or something. Johnny isn’t well either. So spending the day hitchhiking back to the border was quite okay and we made it rather quick but had to stop at another supermarket for some ice cream. So we have profen that hitchhiking with a group of 3 is actually possible in Norway.

We even walked 10km, so I guess we are back out where there aren’t Cafés anymore.