Day 61: reflections on failing

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Today’s kilometers: 38

Total kilometers: 1419

Hiking along streets makes me melancholic. Especially when the streets are big and when it is raining. Then there are so many questions in my head. So many memories. So many missed chances. Sometimes I even question existence itself.

But the good thing was by 4pm we had allready 30km.

I spend most of my life discussing politics and philosophy. My aim always has been to raise the ethical bar and make people question their social structures, their actions and their beliefs.

It feels like despite all that actions all the knowledge I am failing. In the end I am allways failing, mostly due to my poor social skills.

I never really overcome irascibility. Especially when stressed I then to be extremely harsh when answering and I am not really aware of that. I don’t really realize the anger of my violent temper. To me it feels more like simply being annoyed by the situation.

So by simply beeing impatient I have and unintenionally aggressive tone and wording all to often. And worst, mostly I not even aware of that.