Day 63: the hospital and fairy-tale forests

Monday, 14 August 2017

Today’s kilometers: 12

Total kilometers: 1436

Falling asleep again in the morning because you don’t have to walk sometimes feels like the best thing in the world and so it did today.

By 10 we got ready for check out and I headed towards the hospital. Shortly after I left the hospital with a diagnosis that wasn’t too bad and I sort of understood what the problem with my knee is.

So it is nothing serious apperently. Just some sort of various inflammations due to overuse of my knee. That lead some muscles to sometimes blocking the movement and cause the real intense pain I sometimes felt along with the constant one. But there are no signs of problems with bones or anything serious with the tendons or muscles. The thing is there is no guarantee that it will get any better without a 2 week break. Which is not an option for me. So I think I should go more lightweight and try to get the extra money to replace some equipment. Also I will avoid swamps and unmarked sections to not stress my knee more then needed.

So now I have to wait for Johnny and talk to him as we might have to change quite a bit of our route.

Later that day we started hiking again and there are some nice views and fairy-tale forest just a few kilometers out of the city.