Last week short #9

Saturday 26. August 2017

Total kilometers: 1768

As expected during the 5 days on the southern Kungsleden we didn’t have one day with dry feet. We still can’t figure out how this people decide where to put planks. Because sometimes you walk for 100 meters trough ankle  deep swamp water. And a few minutes later there are wooden planks just on the dry ground…

Though there were a lot of shelters and huts along the way. So we had nice rests during the day and a roof when it rained at night. The people we met where as always mainly Germans. 

After resupplying in Sälen where we both got new shoes we got on the vasaloppsleden. A very nice trail from Sälen to Mora. It was actually a trail with wooden planks where you really need it and huts everywhere along the trail. So with our new shoes and nice weather we almost flew the 90km mainly through forests in 2,5 days. 

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