Last week short #11 (the last)

Friday 08. September 2017

Total kilometers: 2000+

It all came very quick. After the first few weeks of our trip I just noticed how long this jorney will take, that the money I saved won’t last very long and that I probably won’t get much out of it after walking several month. I really started to miss parts of the life I lived before. People, training, making music or just the freedom to sometimes do nothing. So very early I set the goal for me to go as far as home. But when we realised that it would take much longer than I thought to even get there I shortend the trip to finishing Scandinavia with malmö as a goal. But in the last weeks I got an invitation for a special day at the end of September that I really don’t want to miss. Which left me 3 weeks to finishing Scandinavia.

But as life always gives us new challenges my tendon at my food started to hurt again and so I decided to go home as soon as we reach a point where I find a train station. The next day we found ourselves in örebro where we spend our last day together and made some preparations to finally split ways.

Even though that was only a small part of the once planned adventure I don’t feel bad for quitting now. I don’t see it as a failure. Just not the right path for me right now to go. In this 3 month we walked over 2000 km. Which totally blows my own mind. We had good days and bad. And I learned a lot about myself, the world around me and I saw the beauty of Scandinavias nature.

I’m very happy I’ve done this but I will never do it again!

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