Day 84: rain gear

Monday, 4 September 2017

Today’s kilometers: 27

Total kilometers: 2050

More rain today. So it’s time to talk about rain gear.

First rainjackets: mine is the Patagonia Torrentshell. General a good jacket. However not fit for long hikes. First the pockets get inaccessible when wearing a backpack which wouldn’t a big deal if you would have a inner pocket, but you don’t. Second and more important it starts leaking especially at the shoulder area. Also the front zipper will leak.

Therefore I would recommend either another rainjacket or a rainponcho. If your budget allows it go with both, so you will be able to stay dry in all situations. For Scandinavia I strongly recommend buying a heavy duty poncho. Also check that the sleeves are long enough to cover your arms before hand. Another important feature would be some sort of strap that allows you to secure the Poncho so it won’t fly away in heavy winds. A strap that is closed between your legs which Johnny had at his model has been profen to work very well.

Now let’s talk about rainpants. As Johnny and i had both the same marmot Model and both of our pants ripper at the inner layer we can’t give any recommendation. However I would make sure that the material would be higher quality next time.

Last we have to take care of the backpack. With a poncho there has allready been taken care of. If not get at least a raincover, one you that can be securly atrached to the pack. If your backpack is expossed to rain it will get soaked and therefore more heavy. To be sure everything stays dry I would follow Skurkas advices with 2 heavy duty trash bag. Big ones so you can fit all your gear in an still role the ends a couple time ro make sure no water can find its way in. It recommend two of them because I store my tent, insulation matt and sleeping back in the first and everything else in the other one ontop of the first.