Day 90: out of power

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Today’s kilometers: 33

Total kilometers: 2246

I woke up and my smartphone and powerbank where dead. I wasn’t really able to figure how that happend, anyway that meant that had to blindly follow the trail for about 2 say from what I remembered.

The sunrise was spectacular inmidst the forest. None the less the humidty gave me a hard time. Everything is wet. The grasses abd bushes especially which means I had to wear my raingear to not gwt soaked.

Unfortunately after only 3 hours walking the pain in my toe increased drasticaly. I thought about stopping ans maybe canceling the whole trip immediatley. The toe itself is enormously swolen and red from the inflamation. Apart from that the whole muscles felt heavy. It really sucked. Later it stared raining again and along with it the pain got worse. So i reached for the painkillers. By 9.30pm in total darkness I found a shelter. It is disappointing to not making any kilometers despite the long hours walking.