Day 91: bats

Monday, 11 September 2017

Today’s kilometers: 46

Total kilometers: 2292


Today I stared quite late. It was rwalL cold and windy so my sleeping bag seemed the prefeable place to be.

The path has been rather boring but bettee then all the street passages I walked thw last days.

I made a good distance. So the painkillers truly helped this time.

It’s no secret that swedish people tend to be crazy about fishing an hunting. That as a fact sucks. But more annoying is the fact that those people love to drive their big cars through the forest and I quite often have to share the small dirt roads with those cars. It really kills the hiking experiences to see cars litterly at ever lake you come across. Most annoying is this condition in national parks. I’d wish they would close them for privat cars.

Good thing was to watch some bats hunting. They arw amazing creatures, i feel that way since elementary school and it still fascinating to seem flying.

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