Day 94: future plans

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Today’s kilometers: 51

Total kilometers: 2403


I still need 90 to get on the trail every morning. Thats way to long, unfortunately. On the other side it is so convienient to start with a warm meal. And thats what take a lot of time. I also tend to read while eating and before I start packing the first hour is gone, at least. Another aspect of this problem is, that I seriously struggle with is to wake up and get into the wet shoes right away.

While hiking along the street towards Tranemo there was way more traffic then expected, especially regarding trucks. Shortlx after Nittorp there wasn’t a trail heading south anymore, so I was forced to hike the street again.

A couple kilometers down at an intersection, there was s car parking. I saw it from quite a distance. When I was about to walk past the car the driver asked me if he could take me anywhere. I was suprised he must habe been waiting for about 10minutes just to ask me that. I was kind of confused. Yet I gladly took the opportunity to escape the traffic. So until after a few Kilometers we arrived in Tranemo where the driver showed me an old raildroad that has been turned into a bikelane so it was a road but closed for cars.

In Ambjörnap I stopped for a coffee and organized some noted from the past days. The last restday was simply too short as it took most of my time to set up some app on my new Smartphone and find a new route down south.

It’s really a pain that I can’t really work out the many ideas I had and have for board and card games. Aslxo the details for a big pen n paper rpg campain. This has been bothering me for a while now. And I thought about that issue, a lot. But as everywhere I go people talk about how bad the weather would be this year I am quite afraid of more rain and cold. So I don’t think it is very likely that I will continue my trip and further then Malmö. Maybe I give it a try to reach south germany but I not willing to walk throughout several days of rain or freezing for multiple nights. In any case I will take at leasr 2 weeks somewhen this year to just work on my projects. There are also thousands of pictures and noted I need to organice. Check the videos I made and maybe make a short film if the clips are any good.