Day 102: Malmö, finally

Friday, 22 September 2017

Today’s kilometers: 35

Total kilometers: 2681

Walking in fog that soon turned to rain. High grass in which midst a tiny trail is cutting through, opening up into dirtroads, after a few minutes walking. It is a slow change from farm houses into neighbourhoods. Dirtroads increasing, hardening and eventually evolving into streets. Trees turn into fences, growing, becoming grey and cold and ending as streetlights. More and more people pass me, fill the walkways. Then there aren’t trees anymore. Only grass covers those rectangular patterns that provide some space between houses and roads. Fences some metal some wood in various hights underline the spacers in green. Then I am in Malmö’s city center and a few steps further there are channels and the ocean. None of that really matters to me. It is all about Malmö beein the very last stop in Sweden. From here on the next stop will be walked on danisch territory. So all I wanna do right now is going the last few meters down the street and have a long, hot shower, some food and my shoes off.