Day 108: Golf

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Today’s kilometers: 46

Total kilometers: 2836


It is a very strange feeling I’ve had for a couple days now. I feel really disconected from the world. I have seen the troubling high percentage the far right achieved in the most recent elections in Germany. I am angry about it but in an abstract way.

It’s been very windy today. Apart from that weather remains quite nice.

Oh man for a week or two I keep on passing golfcourses on a daily basis. I really have mixed feelings about this. I am fine with most of those places here, as there is enough water around and they don’t seem to be really exclusiv clubs. So today I took advantage of them as they are the only places where you can get coffee and sit down while charging devices so far out of towns. I wasn’t sure if people were fine with me there. Some got quite a weird look. Anyway I felt uncomfortable there so didn’t stay for a full hour. The staff was friendly though.